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Dhaka Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) is a public medical college and hospital located in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. It houses the most prestigious medical school as well as the largest tertiary care hospital in the country on one campus. This institution is regarded as the epitome of medical education in Bangladesh since its inception.

The college's original building was built before the Partition of Bengal of 1905. As of 1904, the building was being used as the secretariat (headquarters) of the newly formed provinces of East Bengal and Assam. In 1921, it was turned over to the University of Dhaka, which was founded that year. A part of the huge building was used as the university's medical center, another part as the students' dormitory, and the rest as the office of the administrative wing of the Arts faculty.

In 1939, the Dhaka university council requested British Government to establish a separate medical college in Dhaka. The proposal was postponed because of the onset of the Second World War.

During World War II the medical center building became an American armed forces hospital. The Americans vacated the building at the end of the war.



Dialysis Detail: 

Name of the Department          : Nephrology

Activities started from                : 1985



A) Nephrologist (inhouse)     :  1. Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam, Professor & Head

                                                 2. Dr. Ehsan Uddin Khan, Assistant Professor.

                                                 3. Dr. Mostafizur Rahman Rizvi, Assistant Professor.

                                                 4. Dr. A.S.M TanimAnwar, Assistant Professor.

                                                 5. Dr. G.M. Hafizur Rahman, Assistant Professor.

                                                 6. Dr. Muhammad Abdur Razzak, Assistant Professor.

                                                 7. Dr. Md Aminul Islam,Transplant Coordinator.

                                                 8. Dr. Sabrina Shahrin, Indoor Medical officer.

B) Hospital Services (last Year)     :  a)Outdoor Services: 2019

                                                         Outdoor services are provided six days in a week and beside this, Monday is dedicated for                                                           consultation of patients having Glomerulonephritis and another day for kidney transplant                                                                patient evaluation.

                                                          b) Indoor Services: 2019

                                                          Referral consultation from different department of Dhaka medical college hospital

C) Dialysis Detail :

                                a) Peritoneal dialysis: 267

                                b) Hemodialysis: 22524(Total)

                                c) Acute hemodialysis: 10046

                                d) HBV and HCV Negative-9768

                                e) HBV positive-311

                                 f) HCV positive-117

                                g) SLED-278

                                h) Maintenance hemodialysis: 12478

                                i) HBV and HCV negative: 9537

                                j) HBV positive-1260

                                k) HCV positive-1681

                                l) Central venous catheter: 2311

                               m) Jugular-1944

                               n) Femoral Venous Catheter: 367

                               o) Permanent catheter insertion: 41

                               p) Renal biopsy: 411

                               q) CAPD: Ten Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis

                               r) (CAPD) has done in DMCHin2019.


D) Academic activities:   a) Undergraduate- Lecture Classes Clinical Classes

                                           b) Postgraduate-

                                                    i) Residency Programme from 2015 (10students in a year) MD Nephrology Course

                                                   ii) MD Nephrology –Phase B student: 16

                                                  iii) MD Nephrology –Thesis student: 6

                                                 iv) FCPS Nephrology-student: None

1. Lecture classes once in a week taken by faculty members and teachers from different institute,

2. Clinical classes, Journal club and  biopsy meeting once in a week.

3. Case presentation: Twice/week  Seminars: Twice/Month Research:

4. Hemodialysis catheter related blood steam infection: Rate, risk factor and pathogens.

5. Clinicopathological features of infection related glomerulonephritis.

6. Ferric pyrophosphate citrate administration through dialysate in maintaining Hb and iron balance in hemodialysis patients.

7. Evaluation of ascites in maintenance hemodialysis patients.

8. Association of serum vitamin Dlevelin SLE patients with or without nephropathy.

9. Evaluation of albuminuria among patients with depressive disorder in Dhaka medical college.

10. Pattern of renal involvement in hematological malignancy.

11. Role of anti phospha lipase A2 receptor antibodies in idiopathic membranous nephropathy patient to predict disease activity.


12. International Participation     :        Faculty members were participated in various Seminars, Symposium and Workshops at                                                               different countries around the globe.

13. World Congress of Nephrology Indian Society of Nephrology ERA-EDTA

14. American Society of Nephrology


15. Published papers   :       

A. National

Distribution of Pruritus and Its Association with Serum Para hormone Level in End Stage Renal Disease

Hasan R, Chowdhury MN, Islam MN, Ahmed PI, Anwar ASMT, Hossain MB, Ali Ms, MohiuddinM Volume 28. Number 1. April 2019

B. International Journals

A.S.M. Tanim Anwar, Jae-Myeonglee (2019). Medical Management of Brain- Dead Organ Donars. Acute and Critical Care2019; 34(1):14-29. Published online: February 28,2019


Training                                      :     Intern doctors training

                                                         Postgraduate training

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