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Constitution of BRA

1. Name of the Association: Renal Association Bangladesh (A Non-Political Association)
2. Registered Office: The registered office of the association shall be at Dhaka
3. Area of Operation: The jurisdiction of the association shall cover the entire territorial area of Bangladesh.
4. Objectives:

• To promote awareness about the curative and preventive aspects of kidney diseases.

• To study the prevalence, morbidity and mortality of various kidney diseases. This includes collection and maintenance of idea.

• To assist persons suffering from renal diseases, particularly of chronic nature, to locate and receive service.

• To organize and operate services for treatment of renal disease.

• To undertake and promote research in kidney diseases.

• To publish six monthly bulletin dealing with different aspects of renal diseases.

• To get affiliation with concerned international agencies in order to exchange

information, materials etc. about renal diseases.

• To provide training facilities in the areas of treatment community relations and research.

• To provide social rehabilitation.

5. Membership:

• The membership of the Association shall be open to adult citizens of Bangladesh with sound mind and not below the age of 18, who shall undertake to abide by these rules and shall pay into the fund of the association.

• There shall be two classes of members: life members, and ordinary members.

Life Members:

Subject to the approval of the Executive committee, any person eligible for the membership such payments making a lump donation of Tk. 500.

Ordinary Members:

• Subject to the approval of the executive committee any person shall pay an annual membership fee of Tk. 30 per annum.

• All subscriptions shall be due and payable on the first day of January of every year.
Cancellation of Membership:

• Non payment of subscriptions.

• Absence from meeting (not more than three consecutive meeting).

• Conduct being detrimental to the interest of the agency.

• Death, insanity, insolvency, conviction in a court of law.
Restoration of Cancelled Membership:

Any person who loses membership for non-payment of subscription in time may apply for restoration on payment of arrear dues.

6. Council:

The council shall be the policy-making and advisory body of the Association. It shall formulate policy of the association from time to time for undertaking measures for study, prevention, control and treatment of renal diseases. Establishment, management and maintenance of renal dispensaries, Health Education and Rehabilitation scheme. The council shall ordinarily meet twice annually at different branches on invitations of the branches concerned. In case no branch shares to host the council, meeting will be held at the Headquarters of the Association.
The council shall be reconstituted after every two years.

The Business Transacted in the Meeting of the Council shall be:

• Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting and consideration of the business arising out of it.

• To draw up general policy of the Association.

• To select suitable design and printing of the Annual Renal seal and arranging for supply of the same to the branches at cost price for sale and collection of fund.

• To amend any part of the constitution subject to the approval by the general body meeting of the Association.

The president of the Association shall convene the meeting of the Council. The general Secretary of the Association shall maintain the proceedings of the council meeting and shall be responsible for necessary steps for communicating the decisions taken in the council meeting to the branches of the association for implementation of the same.

The council shall be constituted as follows:

• All the office- bearers and members of the Executive Committee of the Association.

• All the branch secretaries functioning under the association.

• One councilor for each 30 members of a branch of the Association.

7. Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee shall consist of the following:

• President (1)

• Vice- President (3)

• Secretary General (1)

• Join Secretary (1)

• Organizing Secretary (1)

• Treasurer (1)

• Social Welfare secretary (1)

• Scientific secretary (1)

• Members (7)

• Ex. Officio Members (2)

Total: 19

8. Election of Office Bearers:

The bearers of the association shall be elected once every two years by the members of the association in a General Meeting of the association. None of the office bearers of the Association shall draw any remuneration from the Association.
9. Right of Voting:

In the year of election, voters list shall be prepared by the 1st week of November, life members enrolled after 31st August of the year shall not be included in the year of voters list.

10. Terms of Office:

• The terms of the Executive Committee shall be two years and the Executive committee

shall be reconstituted on or before 31st December of the year of termination of office.

• In case the Executive Committee is not reconstituted in time, the council shall for the

purpose of carrying on the business of the Association appoint an Ad-hoc Committee

for a maximum period of two months. The Ad-hoc Committee shall be responsible for

holding election of the office bearers and members of the Executive Committee.

11. Functions of the Office Bearers:


The president shall be the administrative head of the Association and he shall, whenever present in any meeting preside, interpret the rules and regulations and decide doubtful points.

Vice President:

The Vice President will perform the duties of President in the event of his absence, resignation or inability to perform his duties, in order of seniority.
Secretary General:

• The Secretary General shall keep the minutes and records of the meeting and organizational matters relating to the association send notices to the members for meeting and he shall perform in consultation with the President such other duties as may be necessary from time to time for executing the plans and programmes of the Association in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Association.

• Be in-charge of the office.

• Conduct all correspondences.

• Have general supervision of accounts, pass all bills for payment and sign cheques along with the President of Treasurer at the case may be.

• Be Ex-officio member of all sub committee.

• Get prepared by the Treasurer a quarterly and annual statement of accounts duly audited for approval and adoption by the General Meeting.
Joint Secretary:

The joint Secretary shall assist the Secretary General in the performance of his duties and he may be deputed by the Secretary General for specific purposes.

Organizing Secretary:

The organizing secretary shall be responsible for organizing the branches in consultation with the secretary General and hold correspondence on organizational matters, and the Secretary General be apprised of all affairs.
Social Service Secretary:

The Social secretary will be responsible for social and community service of the Association in consultation with the Secretary General.

The treasurer shall remain in charge of the funds of the Association which shall be kept in a scheduled Bank and shall sign cheques along with Secretary General or President for payment of bills of the expenditure authorized by the Executive committee, shall maintain accounts of receipts and disbursement and have the accounts audited annually by the appointed auditors of the Association and shall have the right to point out any error or discrepancy in the bills or for payment made by the Secretary General and refer the same back to him with his remarks . In the event of disagreement still persisting between the Secretary General and Treasurer the matter shall be referred to the Executive committee for final decision.

12. Powers of the Executive Committee:

Without prejudice to general powers conferred on the Executive Committee it is hereby expressly declared that the Executive Committee shall have the following power -

• Generally to do such thing as it may consider necessary of expedient for the purpose of carrying out the aims and objects of the Association.

• To take over the assets and activities of any person or body for the advancement of the objects of the Association.

• To administer endowments having all or any of their objects of the Association.

• To receive, collect, manage and disburse funds to be raised for all or any of the objects of the association and keep proper accounts.

• To purchase, take on lease, or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any movable and immovable property for any rights or privileges necessary for or conducive to the purpose of the Association.

• To construct, alter or repair buildings required for or used by the Association.

• To borrow money with or without security.

• To sell, improve, manage, develop, lease, mortgage, dispose of or otherwise deal with all or any of the Property of the association.

• To invest money not immediately required in such securities as may be determined upon.

• To establish and maintain provident funds or pension funds for the employees of the Association.

• The income of the Association from whatever sources derived shall be spent solely for the purpose of the Association and no portion thereof shall be paid as bonus or dividends. Whatever sum is left after the payments of all liabilities, the same should be
made over to similar Association or any Association having objects similar to this.

• To appoint and at their discretion remove or suspend such offers, clerks and servants from permanent temporary or special services as they may from time to time think and to determine their power and duties and to fix their salaries or emoluments.

• To associate in such capacity as the association shall think proper any benefactors of the Association or of any affiliated body.

• To frame by laws on any matters which under these regulations are to be regulated by such bye-laws and on matters, on which there is no adequate provisions under these regulations shall be subject to subsequent rectification by the general meeting.

• Subject to the same being certified by the Auditors to pass the accounts of the Association for presentation to the general meeting.

• To comply with the conditions of affiliations.

• Executive Committee will prepare a Budget for presentation to the general meeting.

• Executive Committee will establish branches throughout the country and will affiliate them.

• A member of the Executive Committee who fails to attend 3 consecutive meetings of the Executive Body without reasonable ground shall cause to be a member of the Executive body. This will not apply in case of the Ex-officio members.

• The Executive Body shall meet as often as necessary but not less then once a month.

• To write off the whole or part of the arrears against any individual member or a branch or outstanding if considered desirable, subject to subsequent approval of the general meeting.

• To consider all matters before they are placed before the general meeting for their consideration as far as possible.

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